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Covid-19 Risk Assessment | Covid Risk Assessment
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Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Whats included?

  • A comprehensive guide to risk assess your premises and external areas
  • The document contains many resource links to guide you through the process
  • Sample risk assessments included
  • A collection of internal and external signage downloads


Whats included?

  • Full guidance on how to write a risk assessment for your premises and external areas
  • A blank templated version for you to get started
  • Sample risk assessments to give you further guidance
  • A certificate of compliance for you to hang in your common areas
  • A COVID-19 checklist, to help you make sure you have everything covered
  • A4 & A3 information signage for you to use in and around your offices


How long does is take to write a risk assessment?

This depends on the size and extent of your premises and external areas. However the guide is comprehensive demonstrating examples of many typical areas, and how to negate the risks. This along with the resources (which can also be found in the right hand column of this page), provides you with an abundance of guidance. Bookmark the page for easy reference.


Do I need to inform staff, providing a copy of the risk assessment to them?

Yes, it is important to let your staff review the risk assessment and ask them to suggest any additions you may overlook. Once, they have fed back, produce your final risk assessment and distribute a copy to each member of staff.


Is there a legal obligation to have a risk assessment?

If you employ five or more people, there is a legal obligation. However, in the unique circumstances of social distancing and protecting staff, you also have a legal obligation under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure you are managing risk relative to health.


Do I need to regularly review my final risk assessment?

Yes, the sensible view is to regularly review your assessment to make sure any changes at your premises are covered.